Announcing our second title sponsor CCN


Memil CCN Pro Cycling proudly announce our second title sponsor CCN Sport. For 2018 CCN Sport are not only co-title sponsor but they also will ensure we look great as providers of our team clothing. Here are some words from CCN Sport’s Colin Leung.


Collaborating with one of the most prestigious new bike brands in MEMIL is such an honour for CCN Sport. MEMIL is known for its passion and drive and these values are aligned with CCN’s and so we are proud to have formed a Finnish UCI Continental Team for 2018 under the name of Memil-CCN Pro Cycling.


We are proud to become a part of this project, working with an exciting and developing team. The team’s plans fit seamlessly with ours for the development of our brand both in terms of products but also exposure, and so 2018 is looking to be an exciting year! With higher reaching ambitions and redefined objectives we will leap into the new year with the MEMIL-CCN Pro Cycling team with a strong roster. We look forward to what the 2018 season can bring. Hand in hand we can be sure of pushing our limits even further to bring more passion for your ride for a year that will be a success. One step for the collaboration, one giant leap for cycling.


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