There are many factors that are extremely important to ensure high levels of performance, and we are happy to reveal two partners for 2018 that we will be working closely with who will ensure we are always at our best! Introducing SAMOX, our Memil Hanshi crankset provider, and BETO, our pump and mini tool partner.


The SAMOX team believes in “innovative technology.” The company performs transmission system R&D, and has been recruiting the professional manpower it needs to sustain and further develop expertise. For 2018 SAMOX provide Memil – CCN Pro Cycling with their high-end R5 alloy hollow crank with full CNC one-piece chainring plus brand new power meter system, delivering an ultra stiff performance together with the power readings for riders to measure their output.


The SAMOX hollow carbon crankset uses an innovative carbon arm manufacturing process delivering a high performance structure with good impact resistance. The result is a lighter and stronger arm. Through innovative technology the focus is on reducing the amount of vibration that is passed through to the rider, though maintaining excellent energy transfer, high strength and enhanced fatigue resistance.


Our monocoque structure CNC chainring delivers a lightweight design. The outer chainring has maximum stiffness due to an AL7075 8mm thick and reinforcing rib structure to enhance the drive and efficiency.



Pump and mini-tool brand BETO provide the team with their products for 2018 in a partnership that we hope to see grow year on year as they stand for the same values on which the team is created. They had this to say about their partnership with the team…


BETO creates products appreciated and remembered. For 30 years we have stood by the motto “Be The Original”, and so we constantly strive to be innovative and dynamic, and always pledge to provide the best quality of bike pump and tool. The newly launched EZ head revolutionises the way to pump, and all riders that have used it have been astonished by this amazing design”.


Memil – CCN Pro Cycling are happy to have BETO pump our ride!


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