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  • Memil CCN Procycling + Team F-Arton Sports club

    MEMIL CCN Pro-cycling + TEAM F-Arton Sport Club

    Startar en satsning på barn och ungdomar

    Projektet är i sin uppstarta fas, det finns mycket kvar att planera och som skall komma på plats innan hela puzzlet har lagts.

    Under 2018 kommer fokus att ligga på att rekrytera medlemmar och skapa ett innehåll för föreningen med fokus på ålder spannet 7-23 år. Men vi välkomnar alla som är intresserade av cykling i regionen. 

    Fredrik Strid (ordförandet MPC)



    Vi på MPC ser mycket spännande på projektet och utmaningarna det medför .

    Vi ser att i TEAM F-Arton Sport Club får vi en partner som har haft en bra utveckling av barn och ungdomar en gång i tiden. Samt att de är beredda att lägga ner det arbete och tid som krävs för att öka intresset för cykelsporten i regionen.




    Peter Josefsson (ordförande TEAM F-Arton Sport Club). Vi på TEAM F-ARTON ser mycket framemot Projektet. I MPC ser vi en partner som har mycket att dela med sig, goda internationella relationer, de har en gedigen plan för utveckling dels för laget, dels för regionen.

    Mer information kring projektet kommer samt framtida nyheter.




    There are many factors that are extremely important to ensure high levels of performance, and we are happy to reveal two partners for 2018 that we will be working closely with who will ensure we are always at our best! Introducing SAMOX, our Memil Hanshi crankset provider, and BETO, our pump and mini tool partner.


    The SAMOX team believes in “innovative technology.” The company performs transmission system R&D, and has been recruiting the professional manpower it needs to sustain and further develop expertise. For 2018 SAMOX provide Memil – CCN Pro Cycling with their high-end R5 alloy hollow crank with full CNC one-piece chainring plus brand new power meter system, delivering an ultra stiff performance together with the power readings for riders to measure their output.


    The SAMOX hollow carbon crankset uses an innovative carbon arm manufacturing process delivering a high performance structure with good impact resistance. The result is a lighter and stronger arm. Through innovative technology the focus is on reducing the amount of vibration that is passed through to the rider, though maintaining excellent energy transfer, high strength and enhanced fatigue resistance.


    Our monocoque structure CNC chainring delivers a lightweight design. The outer chainring has maximum stiffness due to an AL7075 8mm thick and reinforcing rib structure to enhance the drive and efficiency.



    Pump and mini-tool brand BETO provide the team with their products for 2018 in a partnership that we hope to see grow year on year as they stand for the same values on which the team is created. They had this to say about their partnership with the team…


    BETO creates products appreciated and remembered. For 30 years we have stood by the motto “Be The Original”, and so we constantly strive to be innovative and dynamic, and always pledge to provide the best quality of bike pump and tool. The newly launched EZ head revolutionises the way to pump, and all riders that have used it have been astonished by this amazing design”.


    Memil – CCN Pro Cycling are happy to have BETO pump our ride!


  • Stop & Go

    Memil – CCN Pro Cycling as a team are keen to work closely with our equipment partners to help them produce better equipment via product testing and development. The development of the Memil Hanshi has come through this approach, and continues with two of our valued equipment suppliers in Microshift and TRP.


    TRP provide us with unrivalled stopping force through their brake calipers.
    A well known brand within cycling, TRP have for a long time been producing high quality brakes and supply the team with the classy plain black TRP T980 brake calipers as standard on the bike. Keep an eye out for riders also using TRP’s aero brake caliper T860/861 model.

    For more info on TRP visit https://www.trpcycling.com



    Microshift are a Taiwan based brand who produce transmission equipment for all types of bikes including top end bikes such as the Memil Hanshi which the team ride equipped with Microshift’s top mechanical groupset Microshift ‘Arsis-11’. The team will be working closely with Microshift in the future on product development as they look to create their first electronic shifting groupset.

    For more info visit http://www.microshift.com.tw/en/

  • Announcing our second title sponsor CCN


    Memil CCN Pro Cycling proudly announce our second title sponsor CCN Sport. For 2018 CCN Sport are not only co-title sponsor but they also will ensure we look great as providers of our team clothing. Here are some words from CCN Sport’s Colin Leung.


    Collaborating with one of the most prestigious new bike brands in MEMIL is such an honour for CCN Sport. MEMIL is known for its passion and drive and these values are aligned with CCN’s and so we are proud to have formed a Finnish UCI Continental Team for 2018 under the name of Memil-CCN Pro Cycling.


    We are proud to become a part of this project, working with an exciting and developing team. The team’s plans fit seamlessly with ours for the development of our brand both in terms of products but also exposure, and so 2018 is looking to be an exciting year! With higher reaching ambitions and redefined objectives we will leap into the new year with the MEMIL-CCN Pro Cycling team with a strong roster. We look forward to what the 2018 season can bring. Hand in hand we can be sure of pushing our limits even further to bring more passion for your ride for a year that will be a success. One step for the collaboration, one giant leap for cycling.


  • Team title sponsor MEMIL BIKES



    Fredrik Strid


    Upon the announcement of ‘Memil – CCN Pro Cycling’, Fredrik Strid, CEO of Memil Bikes had this to say…


    As a new bike manufacture it is not easy to make a name for yourself; the road to recognition is lined with prejudices, assumptions and preconceived views.
    To tackle this you must have an impeccable belief in yourself, stand firm when the wind blows against you and remain strong to your values. To guide us through it we rely on our inextinguishable passion for building the best bike we can achieve. Our passion is our strength, and so we push our limits to achieve and to build exceptional bikes.

    Two passionate years have passed now for Memil Bikes – full of loyal collaborations based on common values and respect for quality material. Two years of input from the peloton, always pushing us as a brand to work harder and find new solutions. This collaboration will continue into the new adventure of 2018 which we have ahead of us.

    With new ambitions and new objectives we go into the new year with the MEMIL – CCN Pro Cycling team with a strong roster. We look forward to what the 2018 season can bring. These ambitions are mirrored with the redesigned road collection for Memil Bikes. From our collaborations and the input of 2017 we pushed our limits even further to bring more passion for your ride. We refined the Ninja to become the climbers weapon of choice to beat the mountains, and totally redesigned the Ronin to master even the roughest roads. With the minor change for the Hanshi to master the wind we are certain 2018 will be a year in which the team will really make noise in the peloton.


    The team are extremely proud to have the support of Memil and to continue to assist with the development of future models. To find out more about the Memil brand visit the website http://www.memilbike.com/