MEMIL Pro-Cycling Team

about us


Memil Pro Cycling debuted in 2017 after being formed following the collapse of a UCI Continental team that Memil the brand was due to sponsor for the 2017 season. Faced with no team at all or taking on the UCI licence and running a team themselves, the owners of the Memil brand decided to form Memil Pro Cycling and see out the 2017 season before embarking on building their own project from the ground upwards the following year.

The team’s true debut came in 2018 as Memil – CCN Pro Cycling and saw strong results throughout the season and the development of a reputation as a team that likes to attack and leave its mark on a race. Stage victories in Morocco, Tour of Qinghai Lake and Tour of Poyang Lake came as well as a GC threat and overall team presence in races.

2019 sees a strengthened team line up and further progression of a project that will see the team develop over the coming years to become a force in world cycling, all whilst gaining exposure for some of the cycling world’s newest and most open-minded brands!