MEMIL Pro-Cycling Team



2018 Tour of Poyang Lake

Erik Bergstrom Frisk takes 4th on GC

The Tour of Poyang Lake concluded with three climbing stages and a real fight for the podium.

Stage 9 was only a 90km stage made up of three laps of a 30km circuit containing a 10km climb. The race started to split very early on into numerous groups, but with some technical sections on the descent and some rolling sections on the rest of the circuit it lead to some riders regaining contact with the lead group. Coming into the finish there was still 20 riders in the front group with Erik present for the team and finishing safely but moving up to 4th on GC. Hannes was the next MPC finisher coming in 40 seconds behind the front group.

Stage 10 was simply a 16km climbing stage, with a 4km lead in then a hard 12km climb. Strong work from Sam Volkers set up Erik for an attack with 5km to go in a bid to win the race overall, however in the final kilometres Erik was reeled in and passed for the stage win. At the line Erik was 4th on the stage and gained time on his GC rivals but was ten seconds shy of gaining enough to step up to the GC podium.

Stage 11 started with some laps in the city centre before heading out to a short hard climbing lap and then rolling roads back to the city for the stage finish. Over the main climb on the circuit only Sam and Erik remained for the team and headed towards the finish. On the rolling roads in the final kilometres Sam made a bid for stage victory but was pulled back in sight of the line, but with Erik safe in the group and no time gaps between the major GC riders 4th place on GC was secure.

Huge thanks to the team staff for all their hard work and of course to our team partners who make the team happen #MPC